Maha Mrityunjaya Homa

The principal deity of this homa or havan is Lord Shiva, also known by the name Mrityunjaya. The goal of performing this homa is to defeat death. This puja assists in ensuring your lifespan and protecting you or your loved ones from harm. It aids in boosting your self-assurance, optimism, and bravery. It will serve as a cure for all terminal illnesses and aid in your fight against premature death. According to popular belief, those who pray to and revere Lord Shiva can effectively stop untimely deaths. There are many advantages to performing Mrityunjaya homa for someone. Invoking the powers of Shiva’s three various incarnations through this homa is essential for living a trouble-free existence. Based on the devotee’s nakshatra, the Divya Puja team can recommend an opportune time to perform the puja.


Get over your fear of dying.
gives long life by eliminating karma-related doshas.
enables one to be freed from the cycle of birth and death.
The most effective treatment for those who have Kala Sarpa Yoga

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