Annaprashan Sanskar

The newborn is initially exposed to solid foods, preferably sweet or milky rice, at the Annaprashan ritual. The puja is performed in order to grant the infant a very healthy and successful life.

Key findings include
The first time a baby eats solid food
It supports the development of a healthy, robust newborn.
performed on Janma Nakshatra Day in the sixth or seventh month.
For the baby’s health, mantras are repeated.
The essential component of the event is kheer, or milk rice.

Benefits of Annaprashan Puja: By doing this ceremony, you can safeguard children and lengthen their lives.
The baby receives the blessing, and it is said that anything uninvited that the baby may have swallowed while in the womb will be cleansed.
By performing this Annaprasana puja, you can safeguard the infant and lengthen their life.
When this pooja is finished, it is said that everything harmful or potentially harmful to the child will be cleansed.

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