Chandi Homa

Chandi homam is one of the most effective homams for achieving overall success in all endeavours as well as eliminating all doshas and barriers from one’s life. This homunculus aids a person in winning arguments in court and over adversaries. A thorough puja and homam are performed for Devi Durga during this homam. Since the Goddess Durga is worshipped as a Kanya (girl) who is 2 to 10 years old, females in the same age range are worshipped during this puja. During Chandi Puja, all of Devi Durga’s other manifestations are also honoured.
You can conduct Saptashati Parayanam during Navratri, on Fridays, on Ashtami, on Navmi, etc. This homam is ideal for carrying out.

The advantages of Chandi Homam include bestowing a joyful existence by removing all difficulties and suffering from a person’s life.

This parayana eliminates the negative effects of the unfavourable planet placements in one’s horoscope, nullifying planetary influences.

By executing this paryana with complete devotion, the negative effects of curses, evil eyes, doshas, and obstructions are eliminated from a person’s horoscope.

Set up a Chandi homam with the purohit.

Key findings include
to remove barriers so that business can grow.
This is also done for the sake of your employees’ well-being and peace of mind.
Done on Fridays or during Navratri
Durga Devate is the main deity.

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