Navaratri Puja

The Navaratri Path embodies the worship of Maa Durga and her nine manifestations. Every year, Durga Puja is performed throughout Navaratri. Despite the fact that there are four different forms of Navratri, Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri are of utmost significance for Hindu religious ceremonies. The first three days of each of the nine days are dedicated to Maa Durga, the following three to Maa Laxmi, and the final three to Maa Saraswati.
We use these nine days of Navratra to return to our origins because our mother carries us for nine months before we are born. Only Hinduism has placed such a strong emphasis on God’s motherhood throughout history. The festival is observed twice a year for nine nights. Chaitra Navratri, which occurs in March or April, is the first Navratri of the year. The second Navratri takes place around Durga Puja in October or November. The purpose of Navratras is to worship the various Durga avatars and forms (Shailaputri, Brahmachari, Chandragha, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri). A 9-day fast is undertaken to appease the goddess Durga. Each family member offers aahuti and receives blessings from Durga Mata during the Durga Sapsati puja and havan that are performed during Navratri puja. The Durga puja vidhi and procedures must be correctly applied and understood. A knowledgeable priest who is familiar with Vedic scriptures and procedure is therefore recommended.


After conducting the Durga puja, one is blessed by Maa Durga in a heavenly way.
There are several benefits to worshipping the goddess during the lucky season.
Wealth, business success, and personal success are all possible.
After doing this puja, one is absolved of the sins committed in this life or in prior lives.
Additionally, this puja aids in the protection of evil spirits and the removal of barriers.
This puja also aids in self-confidence development. It aids in the relief of illnesses.
It enables one to achieve their goals and aspirations.

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