Bhoomi Puja

For the purpose of removing unfavourable influences, or Vastu doshas, from a location, Bhoomi Pooja is conducted for Goddess Bhoomi and Vastu Purush, the lord and deity of directions and the five elements of nature.

In order to please Bhoomamtalli, or Goddess Earth, Bhoomi Pooja is conducted. The most crucial puja to perform before any construction is this one. By doing this pooja, we ask Bhoomi Devi’s forgiveness for disturbing the balance of the earth during construction.

By calling upon Bhoomi Mata and chanting mantras honouring Goddess Earth, this pooja is typically performed at the northwest corner of the property with the intention of receiving the blessings necessary to live a happy life.

The Vaastu time, which occurs no more than twice each month, is used to choose the day for performing this pooja.

Benefits of Bhoomi Puja include removing all evil spirits and negative energy from the area where construction is to take place by doing Bhoomi Puja.

By performing this pooja, you can shield your house and its occupants from harmful natural disasters.

The removal of negative effects and doshas, the sanctification of every area of the home, and the enhancement of the occupants’ good fortune and happiness are all results of doing this pooja.

For Bhoomi Pooja, reserve a purohit. Each purohit has a wealth of knowledge and has attended Vedic Pathshala.

Key findings include
to remove the doshams or existing negative effects conveyed by the land.
The earth has positive vitality again.
completed prior to beginning any construction on a piece of land.
Both Navagraha Pooja and Vastu Pooja are engaged.
Godhead is Bhoomi Devi (Mother Earth).

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