Graha Dosh Nivaran Puja

carrying out the Grah Dosh Nivaran Pujas of a certain Graha (s). When a planet occupies the wrong and inappropriate houses in an astrological chart or natal chart, it is known as Graha Dosha.
For individuals who have a weakly situated planet in their astrological chart or who have any Graha Dosha, the Graha Dosh Nivaran Puja is strongly advised. Out of the 9 planets or pujas listed below, you can do a Graha Dosh Nivaran Puja for a particular planet.

Graha Dosh Nivaran Pujas’ importance
According to the Vedas and Shastras, there are numerous planets and stars, but only nine planets (Navgraha Graha) and 27 stars are located inside the solar system’s immediate orbit. Their locations in our kundali, or natal chart, have an impact on our lives. Together, the nine planets make up the Navagraha Mandala, which is their orbit. These nine planets govern our karma, our desires, and their results in our horoscope. One horoscope may simply reveal the dasa, or effect, that each of the nine planets has on our life. This puja ritual is carried out in order to enhance a person’s positive energies and lessen their negative consequences.

Graha Dosh Nivaran Pujas are beneficial.
for being a creative, courageous, imaginative, and emotionally stable person.
It assists the person in overcoming stress, difficulties, and calamities.
Manage mental illness and address psychological issues.
It supports achieving achievement, happiness, power, and confidence.
for fields in the arts.
Spiritual Advantage Pujas for Graha Dosh Nivaran
“Wealth, fortune, and tranquility.”
for serenity, happiness, and artistic delight.
It removes darkness and maintains emotional equilibrium.
to eliminate dosh.
to promote peace and prosperity.
for great luck, professionalism, creativity, and invention.
to ward from hostility, the occult, and evil influences.
for happiness, abundance, prosperity, and tranquilly.
Graha Dosh Nivaran Pujas for Health
– Reduces mental tension.
to get rid of the doshas in your horoscope.
It can prevent bad energy from entering your home.
for conditions affecting the lungs, the chest, and the mind.
– Increases immunity and life span.

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