Sunderkand Path

Lord Hanuman’s voyage to Lanka, the home of Ravana (the King of Demons), to look for Devi Sita is described in Sunderkand (the wife of Lord Rama who was abducted by Ravana). Jambvant was the first to agitate Hanuman Ji and make him aware of his abilities. Then, Lord Hanuman ji prepared to embark on his journey to Lanka, where he not only used his superhuman strength to locate Devi Sita, but also demonstrated what devotion to Lord Rama can accomplish by burning Sri Lanka and proving Lord Rama’s authority to Ravana.Since the good-hearted Devi Sita blessed Lord Hanuman Ji as the source of all eight types of siddhis and all nine types of niddhis for humans, worshipping him can fill one’s life with health, wealth, peace, and happiness. A person can move forward in his life with complete pleasure and happiness once all fears have disappeared.


health, fortune, and prosperity
to achieve desires and put up effort to ward off risks, losses, and illnesses
for deliverance from bad spirits and bad luck.

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