Mula Nakshatra Shanti Puja

The implications of the Mula Nakshatra Shanti Puja on an individual’s life are unfavorable. Through Mool Shanti Puja, these nakshatras’ unfavourable effects can be subdued.

The Mula Nakshatra Panditji performs Shanti Puja, beginning with the Gauri Ganesha puja, after which all the nakshatras are worshipped. A special puja is performed for the moon nakshatra using 27 leaves from various trees and water. Panditji also uses this water to perform abhishek on the baby and parents, as well as a small havan for the nakshatra to remove all negative effects.It is advised to feed brahmins or give them grain donations.

On the 27th day following the baby’s birth, this puja is done. that falls on the baby’s nakshatra.


By performing this shanti, issues from childhood are resolved.
solves the issues with wealth and health that parents have.
stability in one’s health, career, and marriage.

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