Ayudha Puja

Ayudha Pooja is the worship of tools that we employ in the workplace. It is lucky to lay the tools on the altar on the ninth day of Navaratri, worship them, and receive the Lord’s blessings.

The ninth day of Navaratri is when the best Ayudha Pooja is performed. This ritual is often referred to as an “Astra Pooja.” This pooja involves worshipping the tools we use every day, either by keeping them on the altar or refraining from using them that day.

In order to receive the Lord’s blessings, this pooja is performed by repeating mantras and requesting his help.

The ninth day of Navaratri is when this puja is conducted. It can be done in the office, a store, or at home.

Ayudha Pooja’s advantages include
They offer a prayer to God, asking him to bless their company with health.
The guy who performs this puja succeeds greatly in both his personal and business lives.
For the Ayudha Pooja, reserve a purohit. The Purohits are all seasoned professionals.

Key findings include
On this day, we venerate every tool that we utilise every day.
Participation in everything one does allows one to excel in their industry.
Bellam and Avalaki (puffed rice) are the primary sources of samagri (jaggery).

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