Birthday Puja

The marriage ceremony known as Sashtiapthapoorthi is held for a couple whose husband has reached the age of 60 and has just entered his 61st year. This 60th birthday pooja is typically organised by the couple’s children, in-laws, younger siblings, or family members.

Key findings include
The word “completion of 60” is sashtiapthapoorthi.
This event is commemorated as the man approaches 61 years old.
Done on the day of the Janma Nakshatra in the Janma month.
Ayur devata, Amrutha Mrithyunjaya, Dhanvanthri devata for health, and Saptha Chiranjeevis are the principal deities.
It symbolises the happy marriage the husband and wife have experienced.
When the 60th year is finished and one enters the 61st year, the Sashtiapthapoorthi must be performed on the Nakshatra birthday of the Tamil birth month.

The advantages of the 60th birthday pooja for Sashtiapthaporthi are
This ritual purges the couple of any sins or negative karma so that the Lord may grant them a long and happy marriage.
This pooja bestows immense physical and mental fortitude on the couple and is the ideal pariharam (treatment) for any old age ailment or weakness.
This pooja increases the Thaali’s power and bestows the mistress with a powerful Mangalya bhakya.
For Sashtiapthapoorthi’s 60th birthday pooja, reserve Vadhyar. All of the Vadhyar have a wealth of knowledge

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