Engagement Puja

Prior to getting married, there is a significant ceremony called a nischitartham where the bride and groom make a commitment to one another.

By executing the Nishithartham, also known as the engagement ritual, which involves exchanging rings, you go one step closer to your goal of getting married. The engagement ceremonies are quite important in creating a unique link between the prospective couple. By doing this, people make a commitment to one another to carry out their duties and exhibit affection during good times and bad.

The event begins with a Vighneshwara pooja, Maha Sankalpam, Punyaha vachanam, and Nishitartham. The priest then writes and reads the “lagna patrika” in front of friends and family.

This ritual is carried out before the wedding in any lucky month that coincides with the horoscopes of the couple.

Key findings include

approving the decision to create a new family.
It improves the bonds between two families.
The horoscopes’ favourable alignments are used to determine the date.
The lagna patrika is interpreted as a commitment symbol.
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